In a collaborative effort of The Daniel Rudd Media Group, and the James Bean Chancel Choir, the Super-BLOG is happy to offer you this small piece of tranquil reflection and meditation.

Be sure to listen with a good set of speakers or headphones (or put it in your ipod)

The Doxology

This will probably appear in the Starr Commonwealth Spiritual Development Video which I am about to complete.

**ps. Updated the boys blog with a video today (it's a view weeks old, but never before seen)


Anonymous said...

That is pretty much the best thing I have ever heard. Seriously.

Daniel Rudd said...

can someone other than James please post comments on my blog!!??!!

PastorJohn said...


You have so many special talents and gifts, and can succeed at so many different projects. My choice was simple: become a minister or sell used cars!

Pastor John

Daniel Rudd said...

your too kind pastor John, but I must admit, you can't go wrong when you have a voice like James Bean's (aka "anonymous") at your disposal...