"That's my Dad"

I've always been quick to (proudly) say: "that's my dad"

today my dad was surprised by the president of Grand Rapids Theological Seminary showing up at his church to award him "Distinguished Alumni of The Year."

I'm so proud of him (Not just for this)

I wish I could be there watching it in the second service right now, but Isaac has RSV (no hospitalization), and Andrea's on her work shift.

In addition to his earned doctorate at GRTS my dad also holds an honorary doctorate from Cedarville University.

Eclipsing both of these honors, Isaac and Will think very highly of "Bompa".

Last night, (Saturday night--when most preachers are working up a sweat over their sermon) my dad was here putting Will to bed while Andrea and I took Isaac to the medicenter.

Later that evening I was rocking Isaac to sleep on the couch. As my dad was leaving he called out, "I love you" --just as I was whispering the same thing in Isaac's ear.

The irony of that moment was great, so I enjoyed it for a moment. Then...

...I leaned close to Isaac and told him, "That's *my* dad."


Wags said...

very cool post daniel... I need more buddy updates and photos though!! I miss you guys!

Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

I have said this often: There is nobody on earth that I believe lives more like Jesus Christ than your dad. You are blessed...

Anonymous said...

This is coming from the guy that told me I was a sap for saying "That's my brother" at my brother's wedding. Talk about a load of crap!!!
In fact what your Dad probly really said was, "I love you son, but I wish you weren't so full of crap!!"

Daniel Rudd said...



beautiful. i have no doubt that the happy irony will be repeated for generations to come. :)

PastorJohn said...


I have an article to send you but I lost you email address. Send it to me, please. "By their fruits you shall know them." The fruits of your father's life are many.

Pastor John

Anonymous said...

A1 Baptist Guy - Is this all really true? If he is a loving person then great if not then its all in vain; the fruit

Daniel Rudd said...

well that's a weird post from the "blog-phantom"

are you testing the resolve of my pacifism?