very very happy

all who helped to make yesterday very special,
thank you so much.
we are very happy
see you soon...
-daniel & katie


grueling happyness

i'm very very happy with my life
it's been a really grueling week
the boys turned three * they are amazing
and they are surrounded by amazing people who love them
i'm so thankful for all of them (you)
and i'm so thankful for the new shape my family will take
one week from today * i can't wait.

and it's been a really grueling

there are numerous simple and complex
reasons why this week has been so difficult
but two prominent suspects should be noted:

1. the IRS and their pesky deadlines
2. the antics of this tiny little organism

the streptococcus bacteria managed to give several days
of torment before the medi-center flushed him out of hiding
with a culture.

Katie also provided a nurturing environment for this resilient
moocher to grow, find fulfillment and look for other places to
expand its operations.

Both of us should be feeling a little better, and no longer be
contagious by this evening.

All four kids left to spend time their other parents on Wednesday
and so far are not reporting symptoms.
But if you've been around any of us.
Be aware.
Be paranoid.
Talk yourself into a sore throat.
and get your free antibiotics from meijers.

...i still feel *really* fortunate.
I have a lot more to say about that
I hope to have time soon.