what happens in vegas...

...gets put on my blog.
(sometimes it just takes a while)

A couple weekends ago Katie and I went to the "New Media Expo" in search of new customers and a better understanding of the vlogger/podcaster/new-media industry.

We met some cool people. Sold some music. Had a chance encounter with some generous and interesting old friends of mine.

In the evenings, when all the work was done, we even had some time to enjoy each other. (which i *really* enjoyed).

When at shows like this, it's good to get as many interviews or editorial contacts as you can.

I had fun doing a live interview with the good people of "Blog Talk Radio".
Chuck from the MacVoices podcast was great.

The excellent Marcelo Lewin (Pixelheads Network)
did a video interview for his show "Exposed" (I thought there would be editing so I was a little more candid than I should have been).In a screenshot of that interview (below), you can see Katie in the background doing her thing.
(her thing being: looking very hot, being very articulate, becoming fast friends with everyone, inflating revenue like nobody's business).

Katie and I don't often get to spend significant time together (just the two of us). This trip was really nice in that way, and having Katie's help made a huge improvement on what is usually an exhausting experience (trade shows).

We missed the kids a lot. Katie turned $5 into $30 in an attempt to appease the constant chorus of a million slot machines. (then, with the same level of resolve, she turned $30 into nothing - I was much more efficient in turning my $5 into nothing).

There were frequent sightings of a middle aged man dressed as a frog--that was [the frog] dressed as a warrior (no one would accuse him of being one-dimensional in his fantasy).

The Detroit airport rejuvenated our tired bones in a "tunnel of heavenly lights"

tunnel of heavenly lights from Daniel Rudd on Vimeo.

I love flying. I was able to briefly capture an incredibly beautiful while flying over Michigan.

Beauitiful View from Daniel Rudd on Vimeo.
(also, toward the beginning of the video, you can look out the window and see some interesting cloud formations).

(this morning) white puppy's birthday

celebrated with decorations, trumpet fanfare, marching, and general exuberance...

White Puppy's Birthday from Daniel Rudd on Vimeo.

special thanks to my brother, the kids regularly ask to practice on uncle david's trumpet (with supervision of course)


i'll see you in las vegas

i've been really swamped.
(i know, it's the story of my life for the last 2 years)

my most pressing deadline right now, is a trade show in Las Vegas
after day one on the show floor is complete,
I will begin the assembly of a blogging extravangza.
by the end of next week will overwhelm you with content.

once i've caught you up on the doings of the rudd6,
i'll be focusing on the upcoming election.