"That's my Dad"

I've always been quick to (proudly) say: "that's my dad"

today my dad was surprised by the president of Grand Rapids Theological Seminary showing up at his church to award him "Distinguished Alumni of The Year."

I'm so proud of him (Not just for this)

I wish I could be there watching it in the second service right now, but Isaac has RSV (no hospitalization), and Andrea's on her work shift.

In addition to his earned doctorate at GRTS my dad also holds an honorary doctorate from Cedarville University.

Eclipsing both of these honors, Isaac and Will think very highly of "Bompa".

Last night, (Saturday night--when most preachers are working up a sweat over their sermon) my dad was here putting Will to bed while Andrea and I took Isaac to the medicenter.

Later that evening I was rocking Isaac to sleep on the couch. As my dad was leaving he called out, "I love you" --just as I was whispering the same thing in Isaac's ear.

The irony of that moment was great, so I enjoyed it for a moment. Then...

...I leaned close to Isaac and told him, "That's *my* dad."


It's all Slipping Away

We have a tradition: Couch time.
Most mornings, I get up with the boys and spend the first hour with them, before mommy or the babysitter takes over (if it's a workday).

Couch time is special. We play. We cuddle. One at a time as the other waits in their corner of the couch.

But like the Starr Spangled Banner at professional sporting events, couch time gets shorter every morning.

Isaac just wants to get down and crawl.
Will doesn't want to be left out.

Tommorow we're going to listen to "The Cat's in the Cradle" together.

Then I'm going to look them in thier little eyes and say, "you guys are the dad"


2 new videos

2 new videos have been released at Isaac and Will's site:



Remind us to know that the more we create out of love of an idea, the better our work, our lives, our influence, becomes.

-A simple Prayer from Ray Bradbury

I came across this while reading through some of the old "Backburner" Posts from my brother Andrew.


Guilty Pleasures

I've been "tagged" by my wife who was tagged by my sister (who turns out to be quite the lush) who was tagged by my brother.

So, with great hesitation I make my confessions.

I offer you my guilty pleasures:

1. thinking positive thoughts all day.
2. humming cheerily as I work (mostly inspirational music).
3. straightening things up around the house.
4. refilling the windshield washing fluid containers at local gas stations.
5. paying just a little bit more than I need to on my taxes (just in case).
6. using my imagination to "replace" cusswords with appropriate substitutes (like dang, or poo) while watching TV or listening to the radio.

Well, now that you know. I hope we can still be friends.

I tag my good buddy Vanilla Ice. And his biggest fan Dick Cheney


2 New Videos from The Boys

this is from Will and Isaac's blog, but worthy of a double-post.

Finally, more video clips:

If you liked Andrea's soup story/picture, you'll love the motion picture version. Shortly after, we were able to capture will in one of his "dramatic moments."


"The Many Faces of Will"


If you can't stream them, you might try "right click > save target as" *download them to your hard drive, then find the file and play it.


Bono Rocks (in so many ways)

"Look, whatever thoughts you have about God, who He is or if He exists, most will agree that if there is a God, He has a special place for the poor. In fact, the poor are where God lives."

A very small slice of a very excellent homily, given by Bono at the national prayer breakfast in washington.

read the rest of it here