New Record (22 minute sermon)

Well I did it. 22 minutes. I have proof. It's on tape, and could even be watched by tuning in to some channel at some time (sorry, we dont' have cable).

Andrea and I really enjoyed the Advent liturgy and the congregational participation. The people were very warm and gracious.

And I'm beginning to think that a 25 minute sermon may create a far better setting for an encounter with God's Spirit.

(Some of my friends from OVCC will begin to calculate the things they could have accomplished --with all their free time-- had this realization dawned on me 4 years ago).


Isaac released his newest short today.
(see it on his page)
Will is working on the early stages of
his next project titled "Ah!"

Dad's working on a video for Starr Commonwealtlh
Mom finally gets a few days off, and has recently
published on her blog .


This Sunday:
I return to the pulpit.
I will wear a robe and vestments.
I will preach a 25 minute sermon.

Are all of these statements believable?

Well that's what Advent is all about. Hope.

I'm helping out my friend Pastor John Brown, whom I have much respect and affection for.

He's been there for more than 30 years.

Does this make me a Baptist again?


Isaac Begins his Modeling Career.

You may have seen these all over West Michigan.

... This of course is a "future Isaac" perhaps at about 11 months old.

more adorable babies found here.