New Record (22 minute sermon)

Well I did it. 22 minutes. I have proof. It's on tape, and could even be watched by tuning in to some channel at some time (sorry, we dont' have cable).

Andrea and I really enjoyed the Advent liturgy and the congregational participation. The people were very warm and gracious.

And I'm beginning to think that a 25 minute sermon may create a far better setting for an encounter with God's Spirit.

(Some of my friends from OVCC will begin to calculate the things they could have accomplished --with all their free time-- had this realization dawned on me 4 years ago).

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Redbaerd said...

1.) I don't believe it. Post it on the web, and then we'll all be able to confirm it. Until then its a wicked rumour.

2.) I hate people who say I told you so, so I'm not going to say it right now.

(btw ~ 20 minutes seems a little better to me. 25 is still pushing it.)