WWWJC -- What Weapons Would Jesus Choose

pictured above, an actual screenshot from the game

Here's an interesting article on the new "Left Behind" video game. (courtesy of rick p.)

My favorite excerpts:
For Christians, the idea of salvation isn't a game.

Unless, of course, they're talking about "Left Behind: Eternal Forces," a much-anticipated Christian video game in which gamers battle the bad guys with tanks, guns and prayer.


It's been in development for three years, and 40 computer whizzes are honing the game for its release. It includes 500 interactive Manhattan city blocks - "Probably the best representation of New York that's ever been in a video game," Frichner said.

Frichner won't say how much the company has spent creating "Left Behind." But, in an industry where making a top-notch game can cost $10 million or more, Frichner and Co. are banking on "Left Behind" being the best- selling Christian video game ever.


"Left Behind" doesn't hide its Christian message. Gamers playing as the good guys (Command Tribulation Forces) will find that praying before battle increases their chances of success. Scripture-laden scrolls give supernatural boosts. And, because gamers must fill their armies with regular New Yorkers who could just as easily swing to the dark side, there's a lot of virtual evangelization going on, too.


"From the New York Times review: Combines Tom Clancy like suspense with touches of romance, high-tech flash and biblical references."


This reminds me of the spam I received last week from the "Crusader Christian Financial Group." Why religious organizations continue to highlight the darkest hours of church history in their names and mascots, I just can't understand.

For that matter, I wonder what other nations (especially those we occupy) think of all our highschool mascots that have to do with warlike-barbarian-conquest (Warriors, Norsemen, Vikings, etc...)


don't believe me? Check out the games official site: http://www.leftbehindgames.com/



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James Bean donates this treasure from his hard drive. How it came into his possesion I do not know. You can probably only imagine how "special" my childhood was...


Isaac the Tiger & Willasaurus Rex:

It started about a month ago when will Started growling while wearing his dinosaur pjs.

The game evolved (as did the depth of Will's roar) to:

Mom or Dad: Oh No! It's a Willasaurus!
Will: Roar!
Mom Or Dad: Ahhh! {with frantic movement} SO SCARY!!!

Now Will Roars the moment he hears: "Oh NO, Oh, Scary, Scare, Saurus, etc..."

Isaac decided to get in on the game a couple weeks ago.

His roar isn't as advanced as Will's but it's coming along. We call him Isaac the Tiger.

Tony Petty captured this well and put it on his photoblog (see below)

Willasaurus REX

and here's a good picture of Isaac
(although not roaring, he is wearing stripes)


quick update 4 my homies

sorry for more silence.
it's been hectic.

Will went to the ER last night/this morning.
Auntie Aimeee RN made this easier (she was working third shift), but it was still very traumatic for our poor little "Saurus".

He's got some kind of respatory infection.
We go to the doctor tommorow.

Andy, Jaelyn, and Addison visited last week to welcome Maya.
This was wonderful (but we missed Lynn).
Grandma and Grandpa Lampiris are now settled in Muskegon.

World Domination Headquarters (in my basement) is buzzing with activity as we recently redesigned www.stock20.com, and our preparing for our 6month anniversary.

This is now a viable company, but I am yet to get a paycheck (soon).


interesting article

sorry for the silence. I think I've lost interest in bloggin (as a writer--I still like to read though).

Anyway, here's an interesting post from an interesting author:

health in the us vs. the uk

Report shoes that Americans have significantly more health problems than their socio-economic counterparts in the UK.
It's suggested that this may have to do with work-habbits/stress etc...

I think we need to find better (and slower) ways to live & share our lives.


ok, it's safe now

I'm allowed to talk about my amazing niece.

Maya arrived. She is beatiful, pefect, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor.

Angela and Ryan are clearly wonderful parents.

I'm so happy.

pics here



nothing exciting has happened. If you read something exciting here earlier today, please forget you ever read it.

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