quick update 4 my homies

sorry for more silence.
it's been hectic.

Will went to the ER last night/this morning.
Auntie Aimeee RN made this easier (she was working third shift), but it was still very traumatic for our poor little "Saurus".

He's got some kind of respatory infection.
We go to the doctor tommorow.

Andy, Jaelyn, and Addison visited last week to welcome Maya.
This was wonderful (but we missed Lynn).
Grandma and Grandpa Lampiris are now settled in Muskegon.

World Domination Headquarters (in my basement) is buzzing with activity as we recently redesigned www.stock20.com, and our preparing for our 6month anniversary.

This is now a viable company, but I am yet to get a paycheck (soon).

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