Isaac the Tiger & Willasaurus Rex:

It started about a month ago when will Started growling while wearing his dinosaur pjs.

The game evolved (as did the depth of Will's roar) to:

Mom or Dad: Oh No! It's a Willasaurus!
Will: Roar!
Mom Or Dad: Ahhh! {with frantic movement} SO SCARY!!!

Now Will Roars the moment he hears: "Oh NO, Oh, Scary, Scare, Saurus, etc..."

Isaac decided to get in on the game a couple weeks ago.

His roar isn't as advanced as Will's but it's coming along. We call him Isaac the Tiger.

Tony Petty captured this well and put it on his photoblog (see below)

Willasaurus REX

and here's a good picture of Isaac
(although not roaring, he is wearing stripes)


AnthonyP said...

ok - double posting is against Blogspots TOS and it's annoying. You know that everyone who reads Daniel's super blog also checks isaac and wills blog - and everyone who reads angelas blog reads Mayas blog. So stop this double posting stuff and stick to a single topic for each blog.

- An Angry Beaver

Just so everyone misunderstands me, I'm totaly kidding. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I had the terrifying experience of witnessing one of these "Roars" last night. This inevitably led to a horrific attempt at making baskets with the guys on the hardcourt. I kept having to look over my shoulder, anticipating an attack at any moment!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with tony petty.