"I can dig it!"

While shoveling, Isaac and Will would often exclaim: "Bompa, GoGo be SOOO HAPPY!"
(because they were shoveling their driveway or sidewalk).

And just for the record (mom and dad) I did try to "shovel" all their helpful efforts back into the snow banks once they were inside.

This video documents one of the last good shoveling expeditions of the year (for this I am not sad).

And also triggered the lyrics of one of Will's favorite songs in his bulldozing video.


spring is coming!!?!!

every other week the boys go with their momma for an extended weekend.
that's when i get most of my work done.
that's also when i'm very lonely for my boys.
so i usually try to borrow them back on friday or saturday for lunch.

last friday we had time the park as well (first time since fall)

all were jubulent as we sensed the proximity of spring, and the season of daily visits to the park


wasting my time, so you can waste yours

I find this pretty extraordinary

(via tony's page)

A closer look finds beauty in the fading flower I gave one of my valentines a few weeks ago...

(click to enlarge)
I think I'd like to experiment with more photography like this.


These pictures were passed on to me by a friend, but originated many levels away. So I don't know who to credit for the images or the explanation (below):

Subject: An ice wave from the floor of Lake Huron near Mackinaw Island.....

An Ice wave from the floor of Lake Huron near Mackinaw Island.....

Michigan has had the coldest winter in decades. Water expands to freeze, and at Mackinaw City the water in Lake Huron below the surface ice was supercooled. It expanded to break through the surface ice and froze into this incredible wave.

I've seen pictures of this wave phenomena in Antarctica, but in Michigan? Yes, it's been quite a winter!

And finally, no explanation is needed for the inclusion of the "Gert Johnnies" in this e-mail.

i'm pretty sure this comes via the keen musical taste of matt fulk,
I'm more certain that this is proof positive of a rift in the space time continuum.
Jon Gerten, you now have reason to believe in re-incarnation


life is good

saturday night i was the luckiest man
at the westshore symphony
with a beautiful woman at my side
beautiful sounds surrounding me
and interesting conversations
from our gracious hosts
(Uncle Keith and Aunt Sue)
who also treated us
to an exquisite dinner
at the city cafe

and oh yeah... the little mermaid was there.


missing jae and addi

but i know i'll be seeing them soon.

here's a shot from last summer capturing jaelynn
as the incredible "big cousin" that she is...

earnest will

there is something about children in a state of "earnestness"
that really endears me.

Will (in all of his best and worst moments)
is possibly the most earnest human I know.

unbridled affection * unrestrained emotion * cheerful "galump-ing"*
he's intense. he's unabashed. he's fully revealed.

If he senses that your level of attentiveness
does not mirror his level of urgency:
He'll grasp your face firmly,
his two little palms reshaping your cheeks,
directing your face to squarely address his own
inches from his widely opened eyes.

whatever it is you're experiencing with Samuel William,
you can count on it being very sincere.

here's "earnest will" when he was about 4 months old.


Will (sincerely-earnestly-intensely) loves
to watch cousin Liam play soccer.

Here's a clip from last week's game.
Props to Liam for some nice defensive work.
There was much that I did not capture (dead battery).

Observe Will's constant attempts to inform Liam of his presence.
And his instantaneous joy when Liam's team scores.

BTW: for 4 consecutive nights after this game
Will exclusively requested that his "special story"
feature: "Liam Plays Soccer"


for my final "Earnest Will" exhibit,
I invite you to enjoy this short clip from the archives.
the sound quality is terrible
but the memory is firmly embedded in my mine.
We called him "captain hillarious"
he had just learned the joy of diabolical laughter

i tried to sign him up for "Junior Super-villain camp that summer,
but apparently you have to be potty-trained.

*galump-ing: (gerund) to galump(v); the way that Will walks with an unbalanced but moderately rhythmic shuffle-thump, corresponding (momentary) shoulder shrugs, and consequential swaying of perfectly limp arms--ultimately conveying a sense of optimistic possibility and his unmoderated embrace of whatever the immediate future holds.

Are you kidding me?

I found this old picture two days ago.
I love it because I think it captures one of Isaac's very frequent faces:
"wait a minute... are you serious?!?"

And from the date of the post, he couldn't have been more than 4 months old.

I haven't capture it often.

here's one other picture where I can barely see it:

...almost three years old, and he loves a good joke more than ever.


Beware the Flying Koala!

shoveling has proven to be the boys' new favorite pastime


ginger and willow have both enjoyed early "graduations"
to new classes (gymnastics and dance)


niece/cousin emma defies the fastest settings on my camera
as she hurtles over her specialty...

...and earns herself a place in the state competition
(coming up next weekend)


I promise to post more regularly when i finish my taxes.