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I find this pretty extraordinary

(via tony's page)

A closer look finds beauty in the fading flower I gave one of my valentines a few weeks ago...

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I think I'd like to experiment with more photography like this.


These pictures were passed on to me by a friend, but originated many levels away. So I don't know who to credit for the images or the explanation (below):

Subject: An ice wave from the floor of Lake Huron near Mackinaw Island.....

An Ice wave from the floor of Lake Huron near Mackinaw Island.....

Michigan has had the coldest winter in decades. Water expands to freeze, and at Mackinaw City the water in Lake Huron below the surface ice was supercooled. It expanded to break through the surface ice and froze into this incredible wave.

I've seen pictures of this wave phenomena in Antarctica, but in Michigan? Yes, it's been quite a winter!

And finally, no explanation is needed for the inclusion of the "Gert Johnnies" in this e-mail.

i'm pretty sure this comes via the keen musical taste of matt fulk,
I'm more certain that this is proof positive of a rift in the space time continuum.
Jon Gerten, you now have reason to believe in re-incarnation


Anonymous said...

ice waves see link


Daniel Rudd said...

i cannot believe i just got "snoped"

in my defense, I requested this picture from my brilliant science teacher friend after she described it to me on the phone.

well, their still pretty beautiful.

and there's still the gert jonnys


anonymous, now that you are a hero, take off your mask! let gotham love you!!

Anonymous said...

Back to your biking friend; I hope he's wearing sufficient protection...