Messed Up World!

I'm so angry.
I've been up since 4am.
I'm trying to get my songs finished for Stock20 January release.

I'm very hungry.

I just want one piece of toast.
Thick hearty Koeplinger's Wheat Bread
With Smucker's all natural peanut butter.

I don't want two pieces of toast.
I know that after I eat one, I won't need another one.

But I can't stop both sides of the toaster from heating up!

I refuse to waste the energy of the vacant toaster chamber.
And I refuse to waste a piece of Koeplinger's Wheat Bread.

So, I sit.
Not eating.
Not making music.


it's winter.
I'll put the toaster under the thermostat.
Then the furnace will sit efficiently at rest for a few more minutes.
And I will slather my esophagus with toast.



The boys have been learning (among other things) to clean up after themselves.

There are three primary sets of toys dominating play time right now: a train set (gift from gigi and ryan) and legos (gift from david and maryanne), and a set of "cut-able" wooden vegetables (gift from Katie's mom Colleen).

When finished, Isaac and Will are equally passionate about carefully storing every piece in its designated container, and meticulous about quickly correcting any errors made in the cleanup process.

The boxes are carefully stored on the shelf in the exact same locations.

Also high on the list right now is vacuuming and doing dishes (now if I can just get them to sew fancy basketball shoes I'll be I'll set).

Of course Isaac's favorite projects always involve some reason to use the shop-vac.


some important news

On November 6, I posted about some specific ways that my life felt rich and beautiful.
And that post linked to more details about a special person.

And in that description I hypothesized that I would have more to say about that person (and that relationship) in the future.

And I'm very very happy to say more now, so I've updated the page that I wrote introducing you to Katie Corbin.

So, if you are interesting in hearing about some exciting and significant recent developments in my life click here.


too much

it's not that there isn't anything to say.
it's that there is too much.
(some things that are really great, that I'm very excited about)

but i've been really really swamped
right now i'm recovering from a day on the tradeshow floor
felt some floriday sunshine today
but not much of it

i'll write more later this week when i'm home