Messed Up World!

I'm so angry.
I've been up since 4am.
I'm trying to get my songs finished for Stock20 January release.

I'm very hungry.

I just want one piece of toast.
Thick hearty Koeplinger's Wheat Bread
With Smucker's all natural peanut butter.

I don't want two pieces of toast.
I know that after I eat one, I won't need another one.

But I can't stop both sides of the toaster from heating up!

I refuse to waste the energy of the vacant toaster chamber.
And I refuse to waste a piece of Koeplinger's Wheat Bread.

So, I sit.
Not eating.
Not making music.


it's winter.
I'll put the toaster under the thermostat.
Then the furnace will sit efficiently at rest for a few more minutes.
And I will slather my esophagus with toast.



How absolutely terrible. If I were there I'd eat the other slice for you. Hope your anger has dissolved..hope you got the nourishment you need. Keep going with the music - desparation feeds creativity.

Anonymous said...

You are a bizarre fellow.

Kim said...

Just make sure you dont hold the toster on the hot part...

cheesy-spoosh said...

I love how the peanut butter gets all gooey when spread on warm toast. . . yum.

Anonymous said...

Jif peanut butter is better!

Anonymous said...

sometimes I think you're kind of psycho

Kelly and Sean said...

I gotta be honest with ya... just have the toast