had a great time visiting the canton rudds this weekend. (Will really did have a great time--he just didn't like the bright sunlight)

We did and ate many wonderful things, but mostly loved being with the peeps.

Isaac has been saying "dada" too now. It's the best.

I think Will said Mama today.

After an exhausting all-da trip in the carseats we let them "jump" for a while.

Isaac went nuts. Squealing, talking, spinning, swinging.

Will was *very* serious. He jumped in perfect rythm for several minutes straight. With unblinking determination, he never even cracked a smile. Then finally he paused. Gave me a knowing look, then with a slight shake of his head, huffed out a sigh.

It was the perfect "you wouldn't believe the day I just had at work" look.

...and then back to hopping.

It is so fun to see their personalities emerge. Where do they learn this stuff???


Don't Bite off more than you can Chew

This too was one ambitious snake.

Has anyone ever said to you: "don't eat that, it will kill you"?

What you are looking at is a burmese python that burst after eating an alligator in the florida everglades.

I don't know where I got this. I think it was from some link on David's blog.


sick day...
Well it's official. The north rudds are all sick. I think Will caught it from reading Andy's blog. Isaac got it from him and gave it to Andrea. Andrea drank from my water glass.

Ok that's the theory.
If we could market the snot our boys are producing and sell it for a penny an ounce, they could attend the college of their choice.

So we're skipping church, hunkering by the fireplace and waiting to feel better.
Andrea's sleeping the day away so she can be miserable all night at work.


All about the fans:

After a recent request for a picture retraction/alteration, an internal investigation has occured. (you can see this complaint listed as a comment under the October 18th posting).

The findings are as follows. There is no cellulite on Daniel Rudd's neck. What is observed in the photograph and revealed by the "shorn head" is actually relaxed muscles.

This has been conclusively proven by the application of "modern x-ray technology"* to the posted photograph.

We will post this proof some time today or tommorow.


*"modern x-ray technology" is a patended trademark of the Tandy Corporation

Update: OK here's the conclusive proof:
(you can click here to see it larger)

"Two Dollars" a guide for the common blog reader

I've been recieving much correspondence regarding the $2 requirement. Instead of replying individually to the endless onslought of fan-mail, I thought I would simply repost this corresponence for you to read. It should adequatly familiarize you with the information you need, and answer the most common questions.

This was copied and pasted from the comments on the very first post (below):

Dear Daniel-amatic, Super-licious, Blog-arama,

I have just posted the the two dollars requested from members of your fan club. You should receive it in the mail within two business days in the form of a mail order. I, along with all of your fans, am superexcited to see this site moving back up toward its potential.

For years we have been whispering with the little red caboose -- we think you can, we think you can -- Sincerely, A fan.P.S. Is the two dollar contribution sufficient to get the daniel-matic decoder wheel.P.S.S. I must humbly, and more sincerely admit that your blog name kicks A.
10/15/2005 6:57 AM

Daniel Rudd said...
Dear Afan,(is that name middle-eastern?)
Thank you for sending two dollars. Upon receipt and registration of your pledge we will use this money for "our purposes".

We regret to inform you that for security reasons, we are unable to send you a decoder ring during these perilous times (where all americans should vote republican because we could die in a gruesome way at any moment).

We were goint to send a nice sweatshirt with an embroidered duck to all of our contributors, but then we decided that sending the money was a reward in itself.

Warmly,Daniel Rudd (and the supermatic team)
10/15/2005 9:03 AM


I have posted the best video ever to will and isaac's site.


Good thought from Seth Godin:

Even when fear seems to be doing something positive, it probably isn't.


done and done

done and done...

I can't tell you how good this feels. I can't imagine anything stirring more grattitude, or conveying God's grace more profoundly.

Isaac and Will, you will never understand how much I love you... but I'm going to give you the best idea that I can.


...off to calvary (church that is).

While I was a pastor, almost every Sunday was tied up. So we are looking forward to having the opportunity to visit some of the churches of people that we love.

I'm very proud of my parents.

PS. I'm also proud of irish dave too... also a calvaryite (man can this guy throw a snowball!).


Came out with their newest realease "Big Box Store"
Kind of funny, though not their best work, and dissapointingly America-Centric in it's critique of the Big Box Phenomenon.

does it a little better job providing examples of "lower prices" costing more.

But for a more wholistic approach...
We need to understand that the economic power systems that provide most americans with a relatively affluent lifestyle:
1) Have a devastating price tag for the less fortunate in the world
2) Are not sustainable (even for us)
3) Are the antithesis of the coming/present Kingdom of God
4) Create a worldwide climate of violence

Ignorance is not an excuse. We are not creating a safe world for our children.
So if you really want to do the hard work of thinking about these things. Here is one good place to start:
See "Rigged Rules and Double Standards" (the executive summary might be the ticket for short attention spans)

(i reserve the right to write more about this)

Will and Isaac's day in Court

This coming Monday afternoon, that which has been true since April 4th, will be pronounced true in a legal sense.

We'll celebrate "belonging." Will and Isaac will always have a place of belonging with us--because we belong to them... and can't imagine life any other way.

If you want to come, send me an e-mail.


Sacred Space is a web site where I try to be during the first and last waking hours.
Sunday morning, these jesuit monks suggested that I review the day, gather in all the good, and "attend to the shadows". Good disciplines: grattitude and repentence. I was repeating that process as I drove home late Sunday night with my boys asleep in the van.

It had been a rich day, and grattitude was fun. I have so many great people in my life. "Attending to the shadows" was different. I had to change my route home and make an apology. Sometimes the shadows get mixed really close to the light.

I was enjoying making fun of my friends idea for a squirrell powered wooden car. I think he was enjoying it too, because he's cool like that. But it may have been a little "shadowy", because along with the joking, I didn't make it clear that I think he is one of the best people on the planet.

I have some really great people in my life. I'll be glad when my conversation habits always leave them knowing how great they are.


Well, after a long and succesful career of "short-post" blogging. I'm pleased to announce that I will be producing some video again. This will be a short documentary on the spiritual development focus at Starr Commonwealth, an organization that I am very pleased to invest my best energies in. I will be shooting and editing in HDTV (first time), which I'm very excited about, and working with a small but talented ad agency in Marshall, MI (Blufish Consulting LLC).
Ok, I'll try one more time to blog. But only short stuff. And I'm not even going to read through it for mistakes before I post it. And it's going to be short posts! I'm serious.