Came out with their newest realease "Big Box Store"
Kind of funny, though not their best work, and dissapointingly America-Centric in it's critique of the Big Box Phenomenon.

does it a little better job providing examples of "lower prices" costing more.

But for a more wholistic approach...
We need to understand that the economic power systems that provide most americans with a relatively affluent lifestyle:
1) Have a devastating price tag for the less fortunate in the world
2) Are not sustainable (even for us)
3) Are the antithesis of the coming/present Kingdom of God
4) Create a worldwide climate of violence

Ignorance is not an excuse. We are not creating a safe world for our children.
So if you really want to do the hard work of thinking about these things. Here is one good place to start:
See "Rigged Rules and Double Standards" (the executive summary might be the ticket for short attention spans)

(i reserve the right to write more about this)

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