All about the fans:

After a recent request for a picture retraction/alteration, an internal investigation has occured. (you can see this complaint listed as a comment under the October 18th posting).

The findings are as follows. There is no cellulite on Daniel Rudd's neck. What is observed in the photograph and revealed by the "shorn head" is actually relaxed muscles.

This has been conclusively proven by the application of "modern x-ray technology"* to the posted photograph.

We will post this proof some time today or tommorow.


*"modern x-ray technology" is a patended trademark of the Tandy Corporation

Update: OK here's the conclusive proof:
(you can click here to see it larger)


M said...

WOW Daniel- If you sat naked like that in a courthouse, what keeps you, with a body like that, from walking around naked all day everyday?

Daniel Rudd said...

Well M-ily. Thanks for asking. First of all. My impressive lattisimus dorsi where not on display in the courthouse, but simply revealed after the fact by using "modern x-ray technology" on the photograph*

As far as walking around naked every day goes, it is definitly something we are considering. Your suggestion will be noted.

However, in past blogging experiences I have learned that my raw sex appeal can be both a blessing and a curse.

So, it's difficult, but I try to keep things under wraps. I usually wear baggy clothes, try to push my stomach out at all times, slouch frequently, and most of all, I cover many of my moles with makeup.

Oh, I'll leave a few of them on display, but the sheer force of quantity could create riots in the presence of the ladies.

Thanks for writing.

We look forward to receiving your two dollars.

-Daniel Rudd
CEO Daniel Land