Good thought from Seth Godin:

Even when fear seems to be doing something positive, it probably isn't.


Danielmatic Fan said...

Dear All New, Better-than-Ever, Super-Improved Bright and Shiny Daniel-amatic Staffers,

This is a hard letter for me to write as a fan, because, as you know, I am a fan. But if somebody doesn't say it, I feel like nobody's going to say it. And it needs to be said. Fan or not.

And even though the source of my sadness isn't in this post, I couldn't bear to associate the comment with the "done and done" post, because I am, as a fan, so happy about the doneness of said doing.

Does it seem like this is taking too long? I'll get straight to the point. Please don't be mad at me for saying this. I'm a fan! And if I walked around with a buggar hanging out of my nose or my zipper down -- I'd want my fans to tell me!

I'm concerned about the lack of airbrushing to remove the wrinkles on the young gentlemen's recently shorn head in the second-photo-down in the "done and done" post's 2nd one down from the top's photograph. I don't know if you knew this, but FCC standards don't allow for pictures containing cellulite to appear on the internet anymore. It's a subsidiary clause in the patriot act.

I'd recommend a couple passes with a nice smudge tool.

Then we'd all feel a little more comfortable.

I just hate for poor little Isaac to have to share a picture with such, well, I wouldn't say this, but some would say, a repugnant skin problem.


A Fan.

P.S. i honestly don't have any fans of my own, but I just said that because I was making a point. About the zipper thing.

cavazanda.jill said...

Dear Afan,
Thanks for writing again.
We are working on a solution to amply satiate your concern.

Please send two more dollars.
-Jill Cavazanda
(danielmatica customer support manager)