my brother helps me feel normal

if you thought my toaster rant a few posts back was bordering clinical
(as several were kind enough to point out in your comments),
i invite you to enter the mind behind these eyes.

fortunately, Andrew's psychosis usually turns out to be meaningful in some profound way.
it's one of the best posts in a while from one of the best storytellers i know


on your mark, get set,

ok sorry for the mixup.... here's a replacement video (also from this fall):

If you could see their eyes more clearly, you'd appreciate the immense pleasure they both find in being the *only* person who really knows *when* they will actually "Go".

I find this to be a perfectly valid way to enjoy the beginning of a race.
...it's possible that a future track coach might feel differently.


peanuts and cheerios beware!

i'll post some more current stuff soon.
for now, here's a little video from fall featuring my highly motivated son and one of his favorite pastimes.