peanuts and cheerios beware!

i'll post some more current stuff soon.
for now, here's a little video from fall featuring my highly motivated son and one of his favorite pastimes.


Tony Petty said...

Please scroll down on your blog and notice how you already posted this video.......... Please post NEW content.... it doesn't have to be new to you, but it should at least be NEW to us!!!! ;-)

cheesy-spoosh said...

i am having deja vu. It seems like i watched this exact same video a couple of posts agao. . . hmmmm. At least it is a completely adorable one, but how can it not be with those two!! Miss you guys.

tarapetty said...

i'm having a deja vu... i swear i have seen this video posted on here already.

still cute though.

Daniel Rudd said...

ok ok!!
I'm a dummy
will resolve ASAP