Kelly and Sean said...

So beautiful. So excited to see you both in April. Love, Kell.

Anonymous said...

Could this be the beginning of stock20's modeling division?
If so, sign me up!

Jessie said...

My cousin is so beautiful!!
Hope to meet you someday ... not just see you from afar ... like at weddings and stuff.

Suz said...

Blog again soon....i need to see more of the boys..k??


tarapetty said...

you need to update your blog. while i think katie is great, i definitely think it is time for more content to be added to your blog. i am sure something slightly interesting has had to of happened since you put this picture up.

Anonymous said...

Yea, seriously dude. I agree with Nonny. This is of little interest to anyone but you. Sorry, just keeping it real.

Daniel Rudd said...

thanks for your comments everyone.
i'm hoping to get a chance to blog again soon... lots to post

and some pictures.



I would just refer to you as "Keeping it Real", but I think we all understand that to be the very definition of posting anonymously.

Anyway, You make a solid point.

To prevent future self-centered behavior, I've decided to open a venue which will allow me to focus on those things of "personal interest"; which for obvious reasons, my *vast* readership finds purely mundane.

To emphasize its radical contrast to this current site, I will name it something strictly personal such as "Daniel" or maybe "Daniel Rudd".

It will be a "personal log" of sorts. But, I'll keep it on the web.

For short I'll call it a "spot" on the "web" for my "Daniel Rudd" "log".


I can shorten this further!

combine some words

...re-arrange the order

... some small adjustments for browser compatibility

...and DONE!

From now on I'll be relegating my "personal interest" posts to:
Daniel Rudd's WebLog Spot

please [don't] update your address books...


libarrylady said...

I truly enjoy your ironic sense of humor and your appreciation of the absurd.
Apparently some of your loyal readers/friends are interested in all aspects of your life except one. Since that aspect of your life is the greatest blessing of mine, this puzzles and, yes, offends me.
Katie's Mom
P.S. Your two dollars are in the mail!

Charity said...

We are all happy about your relationship with Katie and very interested. But...we would just like to see some more posts. They can be all about Katie if you want it's up to you.

And...I think that the time it took for you to post that comment you could have updated with a new post:)

Daniel Rudd said...

my previous comment counts as "a post"

thank you.