empty words and broken promises

sorry. the film wasn't as close to done as i thought.
willow got sick.
katie got sick.
isaac got sick.
and for a few days i didn't feel very good.


the postmark on festival submissions must be Jan 30th.
so it *will* be done.
I will blog *this* weekend!

And I will get 2008's book-keeping done.

And i will have my third generation mini-van plow ready for the February deluge of snow.
(ok, that last one probably won't happen, but you never know...)


ok seriously

i'll blog this weekend.
maybe even post some videos.

i've been enslaved
to projects with deadlines
that would-not/could-not be delayed
any further
not even for a brief
moment of

On the upside:
-I think I'm ready to take the bar exam section on corporate collections.
-1 of our 2 Short films (shot summer of 2007) is [pretty-much] complete.