My Best Post Ever!

Check out Andrea's pictures of Isaac and Will: here


Miscellaneous Updates and Funn-duggery

Sorry for the Silence:
last week was "birthday week" - had to spend lots of time celebrating, then catch up on work.

No More Budget Parenting Tips:

sorry, but the public outcry over newsprinted bottoms was too great. We can't handle that kind of negative press.

However, if you want to get rid of junkmail, try swapping credit card applications in return envelopes. Send Visa the Mastercard Info. They'll pay for the postage, They'll pay somebody to open them up, and they'll pay for the time it takes to figure out it's for the wrong company. If everyone does this, they'll eventually stop trying to enslave every american in debt.

Make Your Own SUV Commercial:
Chevy would like you to go to there website and help them advertise their gas-greedy, luxurious, vehicles.

You make your own commercial (through their website) and e-mail it to your friends.

I like the commercial made by our friends at Rocketboom.com

Rocketboom's Chevy Tahoe commercial (watch here):
note: I wouldn't be surprised if Chevy removed it soon.