post lent - lent

be it resolved:

in light of important and incomplete goals, in the realm of business, organization, and creativity, I shall abstain from the viewing/surfing/consumption of all television, hulu, movies, dvd's, youtube (and the like), until the end of this month (commonly known as april).

the only exception to this resolution shall be date nights with my wife, and the screening or editing of the short film "Multi-Level Relationship", or "Stick in the Mud".

upon breach of this resolution the following shall occur in no specific order:
  • I shall make equal and intersecting cardiac incisions (with four right angles at the center)
  • I shall aspire within myself for the permanent cessation of all willfull and autonomic bodily functions
  • I shall propel the sharp end of tiny stainless steel stake into the tender regions of my ocular assembly.