had a great time visiting the canton rudds this weekend. (Will really did have a great time--he just didn't like the bright sunlight)

We did and ate many wonderful things, but mostly loved being with the peeps.

Isaac has been saying "dada" too now. It's the best.

I think Will said Mama today.

After an exhausting all-da trip in the carseats we let them "jump" for a while.

Isaac went nuts. Squealing, talking, spinning, swinging.

Will was *very* serious. He jumped in perfect rythm for several minutes straight. With unblinking determination, he never even cracked a smile. Then finally he paused. Gave me a knowing look, then with a slight shake of his head, huffed out a sigh.

It was the perfect "you wouldn't believe the day I just had at work" look.

...and then back to hopping.

It is so fun to see their personalities emerge. Where do they learn this stuff???

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leonard said...

I just LOVED having you here!!! We had SOOOOO much fun with you, Andrea, and the boys! It was just delightful!! You all are so wonderful, don't ever doubt how beautiful and perfect you all are!!! :) :)