Ok, I'll try one more time to blog. But only short stuff. And I'm not even going to read through it for mistakes before I post it. And it's going to be short posts! I'm serious.


Redbaerd said...

Dear Daniel-amatic, Super-licious, Blog-arama,

I have just posted the the two dollars requested from members of your fan club. You should receive it in the mail within two business days in the form of a mail order.

I, along with all of your fans, am superexcited to see this site moving back up toward its potential. For years we have been whispering with the little red caboose -- we think you can, we think you can --


A fan.

P.S. Is the two dollar contribution sufficient to get the daniel-matic decoder wheel.

P.S.S. I must humbly, and more sincerely admit that your blog name kicks A.

Daniel Rudd said...

Dear Afan,
(is that name middle-eastern?)

Thank you for sending two dollars. Upon receipt and registration of your pledge we will use this money for "our purposes".

We regret to inform you that for security reasons, we are unable to send you a decoder ring during these perilous times (where all americans should vote republican because we could die in a gruesome way at any moment).

We were goint to send a nice sweatshirt with an embroidered duck to all of our contributors, but then we decided that sending the money was a reward in itself.

Daniel Rudd (and the supermatic team)