This Sunday:
I return to the pulpit.
I will wear a robe and vestments.
I will preach a 25 minute sermon.

Are all of these statements believable?

Well that's what Advent is all about. Hope.

I'm helping out my friend Pastor John Brown, whom I have much respect and affection for.

He's been there for more than 30 years.

Does this make me a Baptist again?


Wags said...

25 minutes my butt.


'does this mean I am a baptist again?'
no. there is a very detailed, lengthy constitutional rider which must be read thoroughly, wholly agreed upon, and signed before that can happen.

Anonymous said...

I just can't wait to watch you on local cable television. I'm going to record it and invite my friends over and laugh over chips and salsa and whatnot.

Daniel Rudd said...

Well I did it. 22 minutes. I have proof, which you can watch by tuning in to some channel at some time. (or you can go to Jerry's, eat salsa, and whatnot while laughing. But I don't recommend the whatnot. It gave me terrible gas last time).

Hey wait a minute... this is way to long to waste on a comment. I'll make it a post and improve my per/week posting ratio.