2 New Videos from The Boys

this is from Will and Isaac's blog, but worthy of a double-post.

Finally, more video clips:

If you liked Andrea's soup story/picture, you'll love the motion picture version. Shortly after, we were able to capture will in one of his "dramatic moments."


"The Many Faces of Will"


If you can't stream them, you might try "right click > save target as" *download them to your hard drive, then find the file and play it.


Anonymous said...

Now Jamie wants twins. Thanks alot.
Seriously though, those video clips were Kalassic.

Q said...

I am laughing so hard right now and talking to myself about how adorable these boys are!! What a riot! Thanks for posting, we've missed you and your boys.

Redbaerd said...

Will's Teeth are HUGE! And those rigorous acting exercises you're pacing him through are awesome!

Learn how to Fake those Emotions, Will! Learn your lesson well -- because if you master the art of chicanery well enough -- you'll be able to pull the wool over your Daddy's eyes even more than he's pulled it over his mom and dad's! (poor Daniel! He works so hard!)

Clearly Isaac needs no notes from Uncle Andy on upsetting the status quo...not that Uncle Andy would have any idea about that anyway...!