Guilty Pleasures

I've been "tagged" by my wife who was tagged by my sister (who turns out to be quite the lush) who was tagged by my brother.

So, with great hesitation I make my confessions.

I offer you my guilty pleasures:

1. thinking positive thoughts all day.
2. humming cheerily as I work (mostly inspirational music).
3. straightening things up around the house.
4. refilling the windshield washing fluid containers at local gas stations.
5. paying just a little bit more than I need to on my taxes (just in case).
6. using my imagination to "replace" cusswords with appropriate substitutes (like dang, or poo) while watching TV or listening to the radio.

Well, now that you know. I hope we can still be friends.

I tag my good buddy Vanilla Ice. And his biggest fan Dick Cheney

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