Way to Go Phil

Some of you remember a post about my friend Phil's crazy dog-powered car.

While concerned about the power transfer loss of it's treadmill based design, and skeptical about its wood construction, I was proud of Phil for looking for ways to pass a cleaner earth down to our kids.

His wife Missy informed me that the original design was powered by (many) hamsters.

Phil, your idea has stuck with me.

I've been thinking about getting one of those push-powered lawn mowers, and wondering if someone might invent a larger version with a dogsled attachment.

Great for dog lovers, great for the environment.

Does anyone have some welding equipment to build my friend Phil a zero-emissions dog powered lawnmower?

meanwhile, this guy is distributing his "dog powered scooter"


david rudd said...

i don't think something can be dog-powered and still be "zero-emissions"...

especially if you feed them tasty-o's

Daniel Rudd said...

good point david.