Warning Signs Part 2

Emergency instructions from Airtran:
(pictorial interpretation by Danielmatic)

"If there is an emergency (or if you feel otherwise inclined to do so) here is one good way to dismantle the aircraft."

"If the plane is being evacuated and you do not want wish to exert any effort in helping others, simply stand on the ground, waving and pointing your arms. This will also benefit those who are under the false impression that it would be best at this point to climb on top of the plane, instead of placing their feet on solid ground."

"If your plane makes a successful emergency landing in the high desert (near a mountain), exit the plane in a panic. Once you get to the bottom of the inflatable slide run like a banshee into the desert where you will have plenty of food and water. By spreading out in the wilderness, everyone has a much greater chance of being found quickly. "


Jason said...

this is vintage Daniel...how I've longed for some of these treats lately. Please, more, please.

Anonymous said...

I can't get it to copy, but you have to see this warning sign at this site. Look toward the end of the entry.


Anonymous said...

Check out the bottom left-hand corner of the last picture (high-heel with a line through it).

"Please note that women with high heels will be forced to remain on board the plane, and not be allowed to roam about the desert."