Warning Signs 4 (grand finale)

This is one of my favorites. Photographed by James Bean on a car that we rented together in Florida a couple years ago. [fyi: I voted for the economy car]

This warning sign is on the handle of a release cable *inside* the trunk of a convertible Mustang.

Maybe the readers will help us find a new interpretation, but we could only come up with one.

Note: The release handle *must* exist to thwart evil intentions. Otherwise the stickman would not instruct us to RUN.

"If Bad people lock you in the back of a trunk, pull this release, leap from the car, and run away!"

There are only a few ways this could have come about. Here's the most likely one.

Vonda works at Ford. She's not real bright, but she's connected to the right people, 30 years deep in seniority, and she usually gets her way.

Vonda watches a movie on a Thursday night. In that movie, some character endears himself to Vonda's heart.

Sadly, this character is killed by mobsters after being hauled away to some isolated location in the trunk of a car.

Vonda looses a half hour of sleep as she thinks "if only you could open the trunk from inside the car!"

The next morning, Vonda takes Gordon (chief engineer for safety devices) aside and makes it perfectly clear, that this tragedy will not happen in a Ford Mustang on her watch.

Gordon, not realizing the depth of Vonda's resolve, jokingly notes that the handle would have to be made from "glow in the dark" plastic so you could find it in a dark trunk.

"Excellent, I want to see a CAD rendering on my desk Monday." Commands Vonda as she turns and walks away from disoriented Gordon.

.:That year, millions of dollars of wasted expense are passed along to Ford consumers.

.:A struggling "glow in the dark plastics" company in Armpit Falls, Arkansas survives one more year before closing it's doors.

.:Section 374b of The Mobster Handbook is updated, instructing kidnappers to remove the interior release with a pair of wire snips, whenever a Ford Mustang is used.

update: well according to Chris on Seth Godin's website here's the real story

But, the difference with the FORD handle, is the stick figure is running away, which makes it a lot more fun.


Cap said...

heh. mobster hand book.

a lot of recent cars have release handle inside the trunk now. most are glow in the dark too, but certainly not with the interesting stick figure there.

another "consumers must be dumb" moment.

Anonymous said...

Someone did a fantastic job of photography on that piece of plastic!
Can I get his contact info so that I can have him do some nudes of me?

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