warning signs

lately, I've been fascinated by warning signs.

Here's one that I saw on a water heater.

It's pretty complex, but I think you get the idea.

Then I saw this one on a moving van while driving to the Flint airport.

"Packing Tape Should Not Be Used For Painful Practical Jokes."

I agree, I'm just not sure why this is on the side of the truck.

someone in this company is obviously carying scars from a bad college experience.

Tommorow's Edition: "Emergency Instructions from Airtran"


PastorJohn said...


I saw this on a bail bond SUV. "If I can't get you out, you ain't getting out!

Pasator John

Anonymous said...

Your Mom needs a warning sign!

Daniel Rudd said...

Pastor John, better file that number away. You never know when you might need it.

Of course it might have been more useful to you during the civil rights movement when you where under a greater threat of incarceration.

give me a call - I'll give you the home address of anonymous.