happy birthday to me

i don't really believe in birthdays.
it's just another day.
(sorry mom, I'm not trying to minimize your efforts 32 years ago)
but I *do* believe in getting special treatment.

and i've gotten plenty.
so thanks everybody. i feel very well loved.

a few of my favorite presents.
B&N gift cards,
a very very nice blog post
an hour long massage (masterminded and administered by my lover)
she borrowed a table, set up a room, played relaxing music
and (apparently) went to massage school somewhere along the line.
it was amazing

the kids will be back tonight.
and I just keep thinking how dramatically different my life is from one year ago.
and how incredibly fortunate I am.

it is a very very happy birthday

(as my birthday wish -- i'm praying, hoping, and projecting the peace and joy that I'm experiencing toward all the people i love who are experience life on more difficult terms -- i hope to be more present for you this year)


Kate Rudd said...

Sharing life with you today and every day makes me very happy. I love you - Happy Birthday!


tarapetty said...

Happy Birthday.
It is great that you are enjoying the day.
And I am happy for where you are. You deserve the peace and joy you are experiencing.