The Birthplace of White Puppy (it works now)

A couple days ago I got to spend an evening canoeing with my girls. On our way up the channel we discovered a magical water forest cove--which turned out to be the birthplace of White Puppy.

Discovering the Birthplace of WhitePuppy from Daniel Rudd on Vimeo.

There was great rejoicing.


tarapetty said...

is it just me or is the audio not working?

Daniel Rudd said...

yeah. sorry.
our team of engineers and rhino-milkers is working feverishly to set this straight.

tarapetty said...

i think you need new rhino-milkers.

libarrylady said...

Can't you take willow & Ginger into your studio and do a voice-over or whatever you call it? Or provide a transcript? Or call me & tell me what Ginger is saying? I'm dying to know!

libarrylady said...

Thank you!
(Wouldn't it be 'magical' if somehow another puppy was 'found' among the roots in the magical water cave?)

Kate Rudd said...

You're wonderful with them, and I love you for it.