affectionate bedtime quotes from isaac

last night:
[while tenderly patting my shorn head]
you a good man dad...
you're a good tool fixer
you're a good dad...
[some internal chuckling]
you're a good caboose bed
[explosion of laughter]

[isaac's in bed and i'm scratching his back]
i got you a present dad.
i put it on your bed.
it's a necklace and a phone.
i bought it for you at the store.

are you a surprised as I was that I did not find the items on bed?


tonight (after will is tucked in):

(yes Isaac)
I don't want you to leave.
(sorry buddy, I have to. I'm going to take a shower and go to bed)
You not need a shower! Your armpits not smell bad. You smell nice!


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Suz said...

aaaaaaaa.........I wanted to hear that!! Isn't it amazing how smart and "in tune" they are. Their the mostest and the bestest...and the sweetest....Thanks for telling us. We REALLY needed to read that story!! Love you Daniel...thanks for smelling good...thanks for sharing.