it's not you it's me...

whatever relationship you share with me. I've probably not done it justice.
so I really do sincerely apologize.
It's a rough stretch.

I intend to emerge with everything needed to exceed your wildest expectations* but I really don't know when that will be, so I won't make projections.

Until then, I really am sorry, and I hope we have the chance for more interaction soon (unless you are that psychotic clown who keeps showing up in my dreams with an Amway presentation).

and oh yes.
As a consolation prize:
I've posted great video of the boys here.


Ang said...

i haven't either...sorry.

i miss you.

so here are those top three you gave up on asking me for...
1. never say you are bored...
there are plenty of worthwhile things you could be doing, in fact here is a list of chores for you to do...
2. always speak to(and act toward) eachother lovingly...and empathy.
reconciliation and forgiveness are also under this one.
3. i can't remember what i was going to say for this one...so i'll just give you the first one that comes to mind...hm....maalways try to welcome/befriend/reach out to everyone...especially the people that aren't as attractive/popular/approachable who probably don't have a lot of friends.

i'm actually sitting in class right now..."typing notes" :)
just kidding, we're on a break.

we'll be back from MSU this weekend briefly...then off to Indiana for Ryan's class.

love you.

Daniel Rudd said...

hey ang, good to hear from you!

hmmmm, are there any other ways we can discuss my psychotherapy assignments via my blog?


while asking andrew his percieved three rules, Lynn shouts from the background "Everyone wants to hear you talk"

David, has ignored his part in this assignment. He is now banished from the village.