2 little presents...

finished the peekaboo song.
(new band: Gigi And the Strings)

Phase one of "Big Project" complete.

Will tell you more about the name contest soon (it's going into a second round).

Also, put a short cellphone video of the boys on their site.
(more to come).


Anonymous said...

My favorite is the horn section; rockin!
Angela, sweet pipes! Can't wait to have our daughter clappin and singing along to this one.
How many times has Maya heard it I wonder?

Ang said...

hey brother....

i was so proud to be your sister this weekend...(and most other times too :)

you did such a great job with the wedding...and shawn (groomsman shawn, not groom sean) blogged about the whole affair and had some nice things to say about you... you can read it if you look for his comment on my last post :)