Strike First! Strike Hard! NO MERCY!

darn those cobras!

this little blast from the past is dedicated to my nephew Addison.

He's my brightest pupil in the Marshall Arts.

If he continues his dedication to the training I have given him, he may someday surpass the yellow belt earned by his Sensei through a week of free "karate-ministry" classes at my church.

Pay careful attention to the brilliant acting, amazing athleticism, and frequent outbursts of "your dead!". This is eighty's cinema at it's best.

PS. One day in junior high, my friend Jerry came up to me and said: "Look at this new move I made up." Jerry, you are so busted for ripping of the cobras and not giving them credit. I'd like you to come clean in the comments and see if you can remember what move it was. Remember, confession is good for the soul. You will never achieve your goals in karate if you carry around this guilt.

For the rest of you. Just remember: "You *ARE* the Best Around!"


Anonymous said...

I remember it as if it were yesterday. As a matter of fact, I still practice it sometimes to unexpecting civilians.

The move is an instinctive ninja response (see also: cat-like reflex), to an ill-fated swing from the enemy; collect the enemy fist in yours, and lift your leg from the inside out, over the arms, and slap a foot across the face.

I really did make it up.
The Cobra's ripped me off.

PS - my favorite scene from KKI is when the Cobras ride up next to Daniel-son while he's on his bicycle. They push him over the edge of a huge hill, and he spirals in multiple angles downward. The next scene is when his mother is suprised to find him taking his frustration out on his bike, ("I hate this damn bike!"), as he hurls it into the dumpster...

Daniel Rudd said...

jerry, i'm impressed by your memory.
That is correct.

And I also apologize for accusing you of pirating the move.

I've sent a formal letter of complaint to Universal Studios. I hope to see that you are fully compensated for your contribution to this great film.