advice #2: finish first, celebrate later

Notice how the "new winner" fails to learn anything from the event which gives him a (less-than-ideal) reason to celebrate.

I'm glad I've never done anything stupid.


1) I don't know about you, but a big part of my spiritual upbringing has included a very scary event at the end of human history--

--various renderings of a massive room, where all of redeemed humanity would gather to watch every event of everyone's life (for judgment) on a massive movie screen.

Naturally, my frequent reflections on this event included only graphic portrayals those moments which I regretted most deeply, and those events which where horrifically embarrassing.

My only hope was that someone -- much worse would go before me and after me. And maybe my parents would have just slipped out to go to the bathroom.

2) Later on, I was exposed to a stream of theology that orchestrated apocalyptic events on a different time line.

Supposedly, God's justice would prevail on earth more incrementally, with humanity as his instruments.

3) So here we are now; on the brink of the rapture, world war 3, global warming, and many other civilazation-compromising possibilities...

And I can't help but notice that there are camera's everywhere, documenting every little mistake and posting them on a massive movie screen,

and every day all of humanity gathers to judge each little mistake...

what's next?

ps. send me $200 and I'll send you my "Armageddon survival guide road map".

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