Ready to Dance

andrea and i are going to a wedding reception tommorow night.

i've been rehearsing my (already brilliant) dance moves all week.

Here's my main source of inspiration:


Anonymous said...

8:24pm and no 2/16 post yet.
Maybe he'll give us a video of his own dancing after he gets back from the reception???

Charity said...

Where is your blog post for 2/16/07???? Fifteen minutes left.

Daniel Rudd said...

Charity, let me refer you to the stipulation in my the original post which states I shall blog 6 days per week.

but thanks for your attentiveness, and the great video of adeline...

Anonymous said...

I kinda remember you doing "some" of those moves at the reception. : )

It was great to see you guys again.

Hope you had fun.