Will's Epic Tale of Glory

Will's been turning out impressive quantities of fiction lately. I copied this story directly from Katie's notes last week:

When I was four, Dad(that guy), built me a bike with two seats (the second seat is just for Katie). A bike with training wheels. It had two seats! And you can come.

(We have matching track suits, and matching helmets, girl and boy helmets.)

Dad & Will & Willow & Ginger & Isaac & Bampa can ride with us too.

In trailers, behind us, and we pedal really hard.

WE ride all the was to a Michigan state football game, ride into the stadium, down the steps(still a bike parade)

All the people have been waiting for Will

We put in mouth guards.

When they see us, the whole crowd cheers

Will goes out on the field and makes the winning play, just in time, and all the fans go crazy.

All of us share his glory.

Then Will quickly changes into his marching band uniform, grabs his tuba, and does a march around the field.

He then does a giant jump-spin with the tuba. And does not fall.

Again. Of course. The crowd goes wild.


Redbaerd said...

This is amazing.

Please ask will if I can be in the parade, or maybe even ride in Katie's seat on his bike. Please remind him for me that I have some experience as, not only a Drum Major, but also as:

The Bone Posh.

Kate Rudd said...

Excuse me, Andrew. We're really glad you like the story.

However, let's understand one another:

Under no circumstances will you be riding in *my* seat on Will's bike. You will have to settle for being pulled behind us in a tiny cart like everyone else.

If you play your cards right you may get a matching track suit, which is more than can be said for most. And of course, the mouth guard goes without saying.


Suz said...

I love, love, love this story...and this boy. Thanks for posting this Daniel. By the way, I'm privvy to these stories on a daily basis. If you want to be included, I can "suggest" it, but you have to pay me. Daniel, MORE, MORE, MORE!!

Suz said...

Ok...i need more...i'm addicted.........soooo glad the political blogging is in the past....ready for more of Will and Isaac...and the girls...much more important than Obama...I know this, I'm older, thus wiser. "They" say so, whoever they are. Gottanotherstory??

Love you as much as always..