long weekend

here's the weekend post. a bit delayed. (but I started it on the weekend)
worked through the night on friday to make film submission deadlines.
I think we sent in a pretty decent film.
We definitely learned a lot which will be helpful on the next project.
My brother is a very good writer. We're going to make a very good film (and soon).
a regular night's sleep is in short supply as of late.
some kind of stomach bug has munched its way through our entire family (except me).
Katie and I have been up with kids (or personal pain) many nights in the past week.
(This early morning blogging is brought to you by Isaac's 4am sanitary requirements).
I have reason to hope that I'm nearly finished having regular interactions with both the legal system and the corporate bullying which drove me to engage it. I've learned a lot and survived. I'm beyond ready to be done with that.
Ginger has entered the world of "homework". She gets a week's worth on Monday. She brings it home with the reverence and anticipation of a sacred scroll. She completes it (all of it) in about an hour with fury and precision. Then she giggles for about five minutes.
Willow is gaining independence (occasionally with a 1700s colonial flair). She's handling things on her own. She makes solutions. She includes and entertains the 3 year-olds. She makes food for herself, her siblings, and her grownups.
Will's theological frustration continues as he persists in his inquiry to ascertain the physical whereabouts of Jesus.

He is more often attired as a drum-major than not.
Isaac's voice has changed and he's growing a mustache. Our dialogue reflects the expansion of his consciousness.


Conversation With Will 4 days ago (special story time):

Will: Does Jesus have a belly? For me to.. Can I rub Jesus Belly?
(this isn't for "good luck". Will finds great pleasure and comfort in having his belly rubbed, he assumes everyone else does too)

Me: Sorry buddy, you can't rub Jesus' belly.

Will: Why not? Why Jesus not have belly. Does he eat?


Will: He had a belly when the soidiers kill him on the cross. I saw his belly.


Will: (turns and looks at me to see if I'm looking)

Me: (deep breath). Well, Jesus had a belly when he lived here on earth. But now he lives as a spirit. It's kind of like he doesn't have a belly, but it's kind of like all the bellies in the whole world are his.

Will: I touch it?

Me: Whenever you do something nice for someone who needs it, You are really doing something nice for Jesus. That's kind of like rubbing his belly.

Will: (thinking)

Me: (hoping this will be good enough for now)

Will: Is heaven messy, or is it pretty clean.

Me: I think it's pretty nice.

(last night my phone rings. Isaac and I are preparing a bedtime snack for he and his brother. The girls are upstairs)

Me: Sounds like my phone is ringing

Isaac: I think it's your brother

Isaac: or maybe it's Maryanne, or David, ... or Jesus.

Me: You think it might be Jesus?

Isaac: (pause) ...or Goliath!

Me: Sheesh! ...I hope it's not Goliath


Well there's your post. Hope your happy!
(please send me $4)

Congratulations to the Beans, I love you guys.


David Rudd said...

i'm just glad he sees me as a viable alternative to Jesus... and I have a sizable belly.

Kate Rudd said...

This post was worth the wait - maybe it's because they're our kids, but I laughed so hard it hurt while thinking about the scenarios you described..

I love you

Kim said...

love the post, love the conversations, love the updates.

miss you guys a lot...

p.s. i think this post was worth at least $5...check's in the mail.

Lindsey said...

Ahhh, so glad to have you back. The conversations with Will & Isaac made TJ and i laugh so hard.

Ang said...

laughing out loud.

i want to read it again.

but now, I'm going to sleep.

miss you so much!!

Colleen said...

Yay! Daniel's blogging again! Thanks for the updates and the laugh!

Suz said...

Daniel, I find myself reading your post really fast, like I'm afraid it's going to disappear or something. Then later, I have to go back and read it again. I think your creating demand...or panic....by not blogging enough to satisfy your hungry readers. I loved this and could imagine every precious word. Don't you love it when you get them one at a time?? I do! Love you!