empty words and broken promises

sorry. the film wasn't as close to done as i thought.
willow got sick.
katie got sick.
isaac got sick.
and for a few days i didn't feel very good.


the postmark on festival submissions must be Jan 30th.
so it *will* be done.
I will blog *this* weekend!

And I will get 2008's book-keeping done.

And i will have my third generation mini-van plow ready for the February deluge of snow.
(ok, that last one probably won't happen, but you never know...)


tarapetty said...

I blame you for my cold.
or it could be one of the dozens of people i come into contact with every day.
Nah, I'm blaming you. :)

I would love to see your finished work on the film. And since it is the 31, I'm wondering if it made the deadline.

Hope the sickness is done plaguing your home.

And, if by some miracle we dont get tons of snow in February, you won't need to finish your plow project. Which frees up your time to finish your 2008 book keeping.

There. All your problems solved. Let me know if there are any other crisis that you would like be to fix.

Suz said...

It's time Daniel! It's just time. Feel the pressure. We are all waiting like the vultures we are. When, WHEN are you ever going to come through for us like you promised. We need to go back to our lives and YOU are being held responsible!!

Daniel Rudd said...

Thanks for your suggestion.
I will wait and see how february is so I can know if I should build my plow or not. Then in March I will proceed with my book-keeping work and get you your tax forms.
Good Idea.

Thank you so much for re-affirming the assumption which others have worked so hard to unseat. It is good to know that the world really does revolve around me.