On a lighter note:

I felt better about all the candidates now that they've demonstrated a sense of humor:

McCain Roasts Obama (about 10 minutes)
Obama Roasts McCain (about 10 minutes)

I call McCain the winner on this one. He's pretty funny.

Palin on Saturday Night Live (about 3 minutes)
some of Amy P.'s best work, it doesn't hurt that she's super-pregnant as she busts out her nine and "[shoots] a mutha-hump'n moose eight days of the week!"

Katie's mom sent me this cautionary video (don't worry, I won't forget):

Nephew Liam releases his first solo film project.


Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

Gone are the days of humming the National Anthem, as Matt reluctantly overrules the mandatory homework assignment.

- Jerry DePoy Jr.

Daniel Rudd said...


"class... let's go."