First, One More Thing... (Amended)

Barak Obama is a Christian. He's never been a Muslim. He wasn't raised in a Madrasa.

Barak Obama is an American citizen. He is not of Arab descent.

The way that Barak Obama's name sounds has absolutely nothing to do with either of the previous facts, and even less to do with his ability to lead the country.

These are facts. They have been tested and cofirmed by every major news outlet. We can ascribe more certainty to these facts than we can to the moon landing.

Barak Obama has been in public service for a long time. He's been running for president for a long time. He is under a great deal of scrutiny. To imply or assume that he is hiding some dark secret, or sinister affiliation with America's enemies is a waste of everyone's time.

For someone who should know better, it's more than a waste of time. It's condescending (to thinking Americans), manipulative (to gullible Americans), and debilitating to the democratic process.

You know who you are (even if I don't)
Stop it.

I think we all expect better.

adendum: I wanted to keep this post brief, but I don't feel right about leaving off this important detail:

If John McCain, Barak Obama, or any qualified candidate *were* Arab-Americans it would not negatively influence my voting decision.

For every militant fundamentalist Muslim, there are literally millions of people who practice Islam faithfully and peacefully. In the future, if one of them were to run for president on a platform that reflects my values, I will not hesitate to vote for her. The same is true for a Deist or a practicing Jew.

We are at a pivotal moment in history. It's not the time to say "Arab's [or Muslims] bombed our buildings so an Arab shoudln't be president."

*Extremists* attacked us. They could have found fuel for their hate in the Christian Scriptures if they had not [mis]used the Koran (this premise confirmed by history and current events).

If anyone of Arab descent, or Muslim faith reads this, please accept my apologies. It is a fact that Barak Obama is not Arab, and not Muslim. It is a shame that we're fixating on it. It's a shame that it matters.


Kate Rudd said...

generally, throughout the course of any given day I feel proud of you often.

this post leaves me feeling very proud to know you and be loved by you.

thanks for articulating( in your addendum) something that has been a source of much frustration for me during this election season.

tarapetty said...

i enjoy the way you respectfully state your opinion. i am looking forward to reading your following posts concerning the election.
even though i tend to agree with your ideas, you still have a way of challenging the way i view the world.

Anonymous said...

But has he ever considered becoming an Arabian Muslim?? That's the real question. I for one, have not.
-John Doe (not one of those anonymous post-ers)

jacoblrussell said...

We should be careful with things that could confuse and deceive with folks like this hanging around: http://www.breitbart.tv/?p=194983 ;)

Honestly though the entire discussion of who would make a better president is fast becoming irrelevant. With the economy in a shambles and the fear that that inspires in people, the curse of following Bush is ruining whatever shot McCain had at the Presidency.

I lost anyone I liked 9 months ago anyways when Fred Thompson decided that even though he had a great set of ideas and a great shot at the nomination, he was going to run one of the most lackluster primary campaigns of the race, so at this point it's the lesser evil in my eyes.

Ang said...

I do believe that Barack Obama spells his name with a 'c' as well.

Not ""Barak."

Love you :)