to my concerned readers...

(re: the comments from my last post)

1. be assured: there are no typos in any of my past present or future posts. anything that appears as such is an (obvious) error on the part of the reader. Don't feel bad, it's probably due to my cosmic grasp of language, which from time to time employs words, spellings, or alternate meanings of words, which have not yet been discovered (like ankshent, and nukeyoular). For your own protection, this is not open for discussion.

2. certainly, *you* are not the "rabid" readers I was discussing in my last post. You are the "concerned readers". There are, of course, many other kinds of readers as well. I assumed that when I noted the quantity of "rabid" readers (thousands or millions perhaps) that all would understand I was discussing a microscopic minority within my general readership (billions perhaps trillions).

3. While statistical probability suggests that tens (hundreds perhaps) of my readers do in fact have rabies in the very literal sense, this was not my intended categorization of the thousands/millions I referred to in my post. I was describing a "rabid" state of mind: hunched over their keyboards, pounding the refresh button like an old-school metronome, awaiting the next post with mouths a-froth and darting eyes.

Many of my readers, upon looking deep into their own hearts, will discover their own true nature. Do not be ashamed. You are not alone.

4. This kind of rabid fervor often leads to desperate measures. While we appreciate redbeard's finely crafted tribute site: and its predecessor (from the anti-onion-coven) The ManielDatic Buper Slog my legal counsel informs me that we should not make an official endorsement of either of these sites at this point.

This extra post has been kind of tiring, so any "above-and-beyond" donations this month would be appreciated. Remember, only I can make this blog grow, but that doesn't mean you can't "plant more seed"...

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Anonymous said...

I'm so exhausted now.
More blogs about poop please.