seriously, i mean it, for sure...

i will post again.
but i'm trying to get my office and studio set up;
and i've got to make some music;
and i need to get some pictures together before i can post again.

i realize the inconvenience that I'm causing to 1000's (millions even?) of rabid readers, and I appreciate your patient dedication to this publication. Please keep the donations coming and there will be new content soon!


Redbaerd said...

Dear Mr. Matic,

You'll notice that in the envelope attached to this comment, I have enclosed my weekly contribution toward the health and well-being of the Super-Blog.

Please do not be disturbed by the fact that I have reduced my weekly contribution by 10% precisely.

I am not sure about this, but I have talked to a few friends and we share the same concern. We wanted to come straight to you, the source, and confront you in love.

Upon reading and re-reading this post, we are quite sure that you have labeled we fans as having rabies.

We are not sure that this was not a typo as typos have come to be an expected part of the Super-Blog reading pleasures.

Please do clarify your intentions toward us, your loyal, tithing fanbase, on this question. I am sure there must be some misunderstanding. If, of course, there is not a misunderstanding and you did, indeed, intend to call us the R disease which shall not be named, in that case, we have started a new blog where we will all be moving our monthly contributions.



A Sincere and Concerned Reader

libarrylady said...

My dear new son,
I also noticed that you called us, your devoted readers, rabid. I am willing to believe you meant "avid" or perhaps "rapid". Either would apply.
(Ask Katie about the importance of accuracy in communication. She knows the speech.)
Mom C.