Silent Night [vive la stock20]

So, I'm still feeling pretty inept with my new recording setup, but I'm slowly getting up to speed.

My first official Stock20 project was a "Christmas Gift" for our faithful customers (who have remained loyal in the absence of new music for about 5 months).

So I developed a unique interpretation of "Silent Night", recruited a talented vocalist to refine and record the melody, then today Tony released it.

I've since received scores of positive e-mails and order comments from our customers. In less than three hours it's been ordered and downloaded over 300 times. That makes me happy.

Here's an mp3 version for your listening/burning/sharing enjoyment.

And if you (or someone you know) is a media professional, a free license to use this song in creative projects can be acquired at www.stock20.com

ps. I also posted a short video on the boys' site, should be available shortly.


Kim said...

It is fun to know such creative, talented people. I love the song. Glad to hear it was such a success. I think it will go gold in no time...

Can we see you and the boys soon?

Daniel Rudd said...

thanks kim,
-this morning's download statistics are nearing 600
-and I should probably give credit to the "talented vocalist" (Katie)
-and what are you guys doing tonight?

Laura Siebert said...

Love love love this song. I keep checking in to see if the mysterious Katie will be introduced. I used this song in my 2007 Holiday slideshow and have gotten scores of emails and blog comments wanting to know who the artist is. What can I tell then??? Here's my blog entry http://eyesmiles.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/12/2007-holiday-sl.html

Daniel Rudd said...

Thanks for you nice comment Laura. I checked out your slideshow. It was beautiful, (the babies, the images, and the hope). I'm glad the song worked well for you. It's well over 1000 downloads now.

The "mysterious Katie" could possibly debut her first EP as early as this spring.

As a photographer you may be pleased to know that she is also working with Stock20 (and the new RedbeardMusic.com) on a song that could potentially outshine "Sweet Sweet Baby" for children's portraiture. We'll keep you posted. Thanks again for the nice comment.