What Happened?!?

Isaac is currently posing this question hundreds of times daily.
If anything is out of the ordinary
If the contents of a room are re-arranged
If people are laughing and he doesn't get the joke
If anyone raises their voice (kidding on not)
If anyone gets a "time out"...

"What Happened? What Happened?"

If the explanation you offer is inadequate:

"What Happened? What Happened?"

Sometimes these explanations can be challenging. And with Isaac, you can't just make something up.


I think the video below (provided by Tony's zoo photography) is one of my favorite "What Happened" contexts.


This past weekend, Tony and Tara planned a really exciting day for the Rudd boys and the Corbin 3. I've posted a photo essay on the boys' blog.

All the creatures were fascinating in many ways. But for two members of our group (who happen to be in the preliminary potty-training stages) excretory function seemed to remain the central theme of every exhibit.

The animal in the video below was not very active, but was greatly enjoyed by all.

note: Isaac calls Will "Wilson" when he is excited.

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Q said...

Oh my goodness . . . Can I go next time? Thank you for calling it poo poo. :) Nonny approves.